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pure domination

Started by scissorholdko, 28-Dec-21, 08:24 PM

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Pandora 120lbs 5'1
Jack 135lbs 5'10

Jack enters the ring wearing wearing a blue shirt and white shorts. Pandora enters the ring in a red and white stripped bikini.

wow your short this will be easy says Jack as he stares at Pandora beautiful body. "well see about that" Pandora replies.

they both approach the center ready to grapple. Pandora sends a superkick catching Jack off guard and sending him to the ground landing on his back.

"WTF" says Jack as Pandora gets on top of Jack and belly flops onto his stomach. she then positions herself facing him. "im going to enjoy torturing you" says Pandora as she puts him in a frontal headscissor.

Pandora no please " Jack says as his neck get encircled by Pandora's thighs. jack tries to pry her thighs apart. "good luck with that" pandora says as she lock her ankles and ups the pressure.

Jacks face begins to turn red. "i could do this all day " Pandora says as she jerks her legs. Jack has had enough and taps out.

Pandora lets go and stands up. "you are weak, I'm not done we just getting started" Pandora says as picks up jack bring him to his knees and places his head between her legs for standing headscissor.

Jack yells out in pain. Pandora laughs." I thought this was going to be easy for you". she says.

after a few seconds of a torturing squeeze Pandora lets go of jack.  he falls to the ground weakened. Pandora gets down and places him in a camel clutch hold.

Pandora begins to get lower arching Jacks back. Jack  being in pain taps out. "already" Pandora says as she lets go of him

Pandora picks him up again and pushes him towards the turnbuckle. Jack hits the turnbuckle. jack then tries to hit Pandora but misses. she then punches him in the chest.

she places her foot onto jacks throat while jack is standing in the corner. she uses the ropes for leverage. as she foot is on his throat. jack starts to choke.

after few seconds Pandora lets go and jack falls down sitting in the corner out of breath. Pandora then backs up and charges jack and hits him with a bronco buster.

Pandora stands up she stands over jack saying "I know you'll enjoy this" as she turn around she pulls her bikini bottom down and shoves her ass into Jacks face giving him a stinkface. she rubs her ass in his face. while jack enjoys it , she stops pulls her bikini bottom up and stomps his balls.

jack lets out a scream. "oh you bitch" that pisses her off. she drags him by his feet to the center of the ring. "you'll pay for that" she says as she jumps on his chest and put him in a reverse headscissor.

jack tries to say sorry but Pandora isn't having it. " time to finish this" she says I'm going to make you pass out. no I'm sorry I give up please jack tries to get Pandora to stop squeezing. she's ignores him and increases the pressure and starts pulsating her thighs. jack starts tapping on her leg but Pandora keeps on squeezing. he tries to pry her legs open but to no avail. she goes full power squeeze as Jack's eyes roll into the back of his head as he starts twitching his arms fall to the ground.

jack passed out and pandora lets up. she gets up and stand victorious victory posing over jacks unconscious body.

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