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pls identify this incredibly sexy french figure pro/wrestler

Started by malderat, 09-May-14, 04:50 PM

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this chick, "shapelycristine" on herbicepscam, says she does sessions but isn't listed on wb270


You'd think, right? I forgot to mention, she's French. In France, sadly. But then, I really have been meaning to make it there. Unfortunately, she seemed like one if's many disgruntled providers (the kind who rarely answers questions, doesn't pm, and spends time in pvt rather than free chat, without anyone paying for it). That's not really a mark against her in my mind - that site blows - but, one consequence, was she left before I was able to discover anything about her.


She lists herself at 5'9" and 80 kilos. 100kg bench. I'm a little skeptical of the 80 kilos. Because that's 175 lbs. I guess, at 5'9", 175's not THAT huge, but neither is she. Anyway, as a fitness competitor, 5'9" is THE height, I think. a good height. for a Domme who does wrestling? What more do you want. I hate the way superfit young ladies in this business lift and lift til the (mis)shape of their face instantiates roid rage
5'9" and fitness shaped, with a French accent, into "all kinds" of domination, and a wrestler, with the face of one of pedro almodovar's heroines. What more could you want?

ass kicked by girls

Man she's strong! As long as she stays natural her beauty shouldn't change. I know what you mean when they start taking roids there face's start to look like a guy. But athletic natural girls like her rock!

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