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Started by Zeus, 09-Jul-14, 06:06 PM

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Dear wrestling fans,

Allow me to announce something I've been working on for a while:

Let me start from the beginning... it was around late 2012, that I have finally decided to make my part-time wrestling project a reality, and started transforming my thoughts and ideas into a serious full-time business that I finally intend to follow fully from now on. I started Alpha Catz.     

I started shooting on New Year's Eve, and during 2013 I have shot plenty of material. I intend to release some of it soon, while saving some for the private archives.. or perhaps saving some for release as early flashback releases for the later years.

I have not been working full time on it so far, hence the project took on some delay. For anyone thinking of starting his/her own video production company / wrestling agency - it is a LOT of work.

I opened the first store for one of my favourite girls (Siberia) a year ago, and main Alpha Catz store will open this year as well.

I find, recruit, and train all my girls. I mostly look for athletic, sporty and/or sexy girls next-door, with wide range of body types.. from the slim models, through professional athletes of various sports, to the BBW category. I will work with well-known established wrestlers as well.

Some of my girls will become available for private sessions and custom videos soon too, while I will also work with other fellow wrestling producers who would like me to shoot material with my team of girls for their own websites.

I will continue shooting more videos as the ones already shot get released. I sincerely hope you support my venture, and will join me along for the ride!

Kind regards,
-AJ, AlphaCatz founder

Please address any business or personal inquiries, questions and comments to the email below or PM / post here - Network of Sexy & Fit Mixed and Female Wrestling Ladies


Use 7z / WinRAR - Password: VictoryIsMine!


This past weekend I have organized a shoot for a fellow wrestling producer.

We invited ViktoriaM over and I brought several of my girls (and one poor boy:) for the shoot. It was a lot of fun.

Be on the lookout for several more exciting new Alpha Cats wrestlers to appear in their clipstore soon. - Network of Sexy & Fit Mixed and Female Wrestling Ladies


Hey, hey, you got Viktoria M for a shooting. That is already a huge success. I'll check AlphaCatz and regularly in future as I smell a lot of gems there. Congratulations and good luck for all future shootings.


Thanks, Grem! Viky was a pleasure to work with.. so experienced yet so easy-going. I've also posted about her session work I've gotten her.

My biggest success is the ability of finding great new regular girls willing to wrestle. It is not easy but very rewarding process. Seeing the light in girl's eyes first time they pin you down is priceless.

Much more to come from AlphaCats in the future. - Network of Sexy & Fit Mixed and Female Wrestling Ladies


Fantastic!  I wish you great success. 


Couple weeks ago I organized a big shoot for another producer of both mixed and female wrestling.

There was 6 of my girls. Action was competitive (most of 'em got bruises), but it was a great experience for all! Look forward to their matches being released, starting last week!  ;) - Network of Sexy & Fit Mixed and Female Wrestling Ladies

Fresh P

Yes, I noticed they were on FWZ & MWZ.

You have a good stable of female wrestlers, congrats. Hopefully it all works out for you.

Veneris is easily my favourite.
My video links will be removed after 30 days


Hey I remember that loss, one of many against her ^

Yes, Veneris's physical abilities are off the charts. She very rarely has to go full power yet she beats me every time so effortlessly. I've no chance against her.

In fact, that's her weakness, she is reluctant to hurt obviously weaker opponents.. she is of very gentle and feminine nature in real life. You can see in some matches she even allows herself to be thrown and pinned, just so she feels more challenged, and then just shifts into a second gear, and within seconds, you're on your back, pinned helplessly. It almost feels fake because she is so fit and powerful. Every muscle in her body possesses great functional strength and stamina. Her core is like a rock. - Network of Sexy & Fit Mixed and Female Wrestling Ladies


Very excited to be opening our main c4s store today!

Please visit our ALPHACATZ MIXED WRESTLING site to see what we have to offer.

We are featuring new, never-before-seen girls ranging from hot athletic tomboys to cute & fit girls next-door.

Couple previews:

Our focus is on competitive / semicompetitive matches and realistic wrestling hold immobilization challenges, with some pins & scissors wrestling domination as well.

We hope you'll find our team of new sexy female wrestlers as well as our developing producing style to your liking and become fans and regular customers!

Your feedback is always welcomed.

-AJ, AlphaCatz founder

HTTP://WWW.ALPHACATZ.COM - Network of Sexy & Fit Mixed and Female Wrestling Ladies


Our latest 11th mixed wrestling video release, featuring sexy athletic model Claudine:

Hot Yoga Instructor Stretches Him Out

Claudine is as sexy as they come. Beautiful angelic face, and sturdy feminine build. Trained in poledance and yoga, her core and leg squeezing strength is more than ready to be used against an (un)lucky guy willing to test her powers. She wastes no time and very quickly traps AJ in a long rear/side headscissors, bending his arm behind his back as well to anchor him good in 2 places. The male is made to submit, stuck in her thighs, but she doesn't let go and instead continues holding him, forcing more submissions out of him. She finally lets him free after a few minutes, but not before striking a quick victory pose, just to show us what she's got.
Next fall she maneuvers him into a long reverse headscissor, and again, just one submission won't do it for her, she wants at least two.. and what the gorgeous and strong Claudine wants, she gets!
Now she wants to pin him down and keep him under her, so she just easily throws him down and keeps on top of him. Lots of nice tight schoolgirl pins, breast smothering, and tarantula. She never gives him much chance. She is just too much woman for him! After she's done with him, she flexes and smiles so sexily, then gets up and steps on her defeated object for the one last pose. That's what models do, they love to pose.

See more at: - Network of Sexy & Fit Mixed and Female Wrestling Ladies


New facesitting and smothering pins match with Hungarian superstar ViktoriaM is out:

Hungarian Star Treatment

The famous wrestling star from Hungary pays a visit to AlphaCatz. ViktoriaM is the name that doesn't need to be introduced. One of Europe's best wrestlers, she agrees to no use of scissors in this mixed wrestling smothering pins domination match. She is even that confident in dominating Bruno, she allows him to get upper hand several times by going easy on him momentarily, only to reverse the position as soon as she feels like by performing her famous hold escaping moves, which seem to come so easily from her due to her immense wrestling experience and flexibility. So even though Bruno tries to surprise Viktoria by mustering short bursts of maximum effort and energy, Viktoria is such a master of getting out of seemingly inescapable situations, she keeps the match under her control... which means Bruno frequently finds himself trapped under her butt cheeks, or struggling to breathe in her breast smothering clinches. As Viky rightfully says, every guy needs an ass in his face! The match therefore has both competitive moments as well as slower domination parts.
At one point, Viky immobilizes him in a tight SGPin. What happens next would render almost any other wrestler unable to continue. Bruno swings his legs up, but instead of hooking his legs around her torso to try to buck her off, his heel hits Viky's nose, in a hard direct hit. Amazingly, instead of immediate match stoppage, Viktoria never even shakes and just pummels trough, punishing him immediately for such foolish move with heavy HOM and hard facesitting. She never lets go of her dominating top control since that moment on and finishes the match with a double bicep flexing victory pose, while asserting her dominance to him verbally as well.

See more at: - Network of Sexy & Fit Mixed and Female Wrestling Ladies


The superfit Veneris takes on Bruno in this competitive mixed wrestling match from AlphaCatz:

Veneris The SuperPower Amazon

Veneris is an amazing athlete with highest level of overall fitness imaginable. She heavily competes in multiple demanding sports and is a lot stronger and more fit than your average guy. Whatever she may currently lack in wrestling experience, she more than makes up by being on a whole another physical level from a guy like Bruno. Wrestling her almost seems fake, as she is capable of reversing your position in an instant and will make you tap out by barely squeezing maybe 20-30%. Bruno is very scared of her and is cautious to tap out before injury occurs, as this is an amazon capable of crushing you into a pulp with minimal effort. Mind you, Veneris is not a masculine bodybuilder however, she very much keeps her femininity.

It all starts with quick muscle comparison, where one simple glance at their bodies shows how much her superfit muscles just outclass his. To prove her physical superiority over him right off the bat, they start by armwrestling and Veneris just laughs at his efforts to beat her before plunking his hand down like he's just a little kid. The actual competitive mixed wrestling match has rules of scoring points via schoolgirl pin with count to 10 and bodyscissoring / headscissoring submissions. Veneris wins points by applying all of those. And even though this was her 3rd match in a row shot on this hot summer day, she never slows down or asks for a break. To her, beating a male is no big deal, as she outlifts 'em in the gym everyday. She's just a machine with relentless stamina. She even giggles often during the match, as if in awe of herself at how decisively she is able to make a guy submit so easily. Seeing her charging Bruno to get on top of him, you wonder what it would take to stop her from doing whatever she wants with you. After forcing last submission out of him, she finishes the match by performing hot double flexing victory pose while straddling her beaten opponent, her sweaty pronounced abdomen muscles glistening in the afternoon sun.

To see more previews and buy this video: - Network of Sexy & Fit Mixed and Female Wrestling Ladies


Athletic hotties Lilith and Artemis fight Bruno in this spirited mixed wrestling match from AlphaCatz:

Sexy Athletic Duo Against One

Artemis and Lilith in their very first video. These super sexy athletic hotties come in on the wrestling scene ready and confident - their fit poledance-trained bodies are weapons that are not to be taken lightly! Just before the match, they both show Bruno in very expressive gestures what will happen to him once they attack him. Bruno looks confident since they didn't wrestle guys before. If only did he know at that point just how badly beaten he will lay on the mats just 10 minutes later!

The action goes from mostly light competitive to full-on competitive at times. Lilith really seems to want to take charge in most falls. If she ever gets in trouble, Artemis always quickly steps it up, rescues her fighting partner and together they twist Bruno into submission. Their bodyscissors especially are very fierce - they both train on a pole every day and their thighs can crack a rib in no time! Bruno taps out quick. Lilith is able to score several nice headscissors while Artemis immobilizes his lower body. Together they also pin Bruno down multiple times while the hold is counted to 10.

After their last point (there are over 10), one girl continues straddling their beaten opponent, while the other gets up and steps on Bruno's face to humiliate him. Together they continue to flex and victory pose over him as he lays there motionless, his fight drained out of him.
What a duo to be outwrestled by!

To see more previews and buy this video: - Network of Sexy & Fit Mixed and Female Wrestling Ladies


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