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Allowed Filehosts

Started by Zeus, 17-Oct-12, 09:10 AM

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As file hosts come and go and their performance and usability changes all the time, our allowed filehost list gets updated frequently. Check this thread often.

Basically to be (possibly) added to the list the filehost has to allow the type of videos we post, and be usable for free users at decent speeds and without too much/excessive aggravations. It also can't be banned in a major country like US.

Ideally we would all work together and use only one host so we could only buy one premium filehost account and enjoy maximum speeds and efficiency with all members' contributions. Sadly some members can't or don't want to buy premiums therefore we keep this list..  (removed 2015-05-15)



It seems we might be losing Rapidshare:

Rapidshare has adopted 30GB/day outgoing traffic limit from all premium uploader accounts. What it means in reality is that files from popular posters that post around or post a lot will only be available shortly after midnight CET each day until enough downloaders exhaust this limit quickly and links become nonfunctional for the remainder of the day.

Provided this unwelcomed change is a permanent one, RS is about to be removed from our allowed filehost list.


Would you think of replacing it with another?
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Possibly, although even the remaining three should suffice for now?

never heard of Filedropper, how reliably does it work? perhaps you could add that as a secondary/alternative link to one of the other 3 for your next uploads so users can test it?


bitshare downloads faster than mediafire for me.

  • 500 GB personal storage space
  • 1024 Mbyte limit for free/registered user

"If you upload them as guest or free user, they will be deleted after 190 days of inactivity.
This means: if the file doesnt get any download in 190 days, the file will be removed."

At the moment, depositfiles is taking a big hit, because its the only approved one accepting single files of over 400 Mb. So that causes issues in waiting times. Its slow for me < 150 Kb/s vs bitshare > 500 Kb/s. Also because of its 50 Gbyte max storage, a free account could get maxed-out pretty quickly, with many newer videos around the 500-800 Mb range.
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I have a gold account with DepositFiles. Have uploaded over 250 files, most of them over 400Mb. No file was ever deleted by the host and, except for occasional downtime (never more than 12-18 hours), never had a problem. Simultaneous download and upload is reliable and fast (and no captchas!)


Appreciate that, RBAP. It's just that a lot of people (myself included) can't really justify paying for a premium account. The other problem comes when a lot of great uploads are all loaded on one file-host.

Take for example, you and I. I've recently started putting most stuff over 400 Mb on depositfiles, to save splitting files with hjsplit. This then causes waiting time restrictions etc for members wanting to download both our daily contributions. Also, many other posters are using it. Like I said, its average-slow for free downloading - not as bad as rapidgator (49 Kb/s  :o ), but with today's HD videos approaching 1 Gb, it's becoming an issue.

Now that rapidshare has effectively gone unusable, we've lost that capacity to spread the uploads around. That's basically narrowing the bandwidth for free uploaders and downloaders alike. I just think we should be looking at a rapidshare replacement sooner, rather than later.
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Quote from: Stewie_Griffin on 11-Dec-12, 08:00 AM
I just think we should be looking at a rapidshare replacement sooner, rather than later.

In that case, Bitshare seems ok. Except for Mediafire, they're all pretty bad...
I'll keep posting on Depositfiles, though. Need to leverage by subscription.


My experience with Mediafire is actually very good. It allows simultaneous downloads and is very fast. Probably the best free service, at least for now.

I hear a lot of people complaining about Rapidshare. Again, for me it works extremely well. Very fast and reliable. I have been a paid user for a few months, but not anymore. Download speeds are still very fast.

Depositfiles, on the other hand, I haven't been impressed with, until I bought premium. So many great posters here, and on other boards, are using it, so I couldn't resist.

From what I'm hearing here, especially with you Stewie, it appears that some of these hosts are having issues based on your location (IP address).

With Internet growing fast, unfortunately it will become almost impossible to find a good server, unless you pay for it.


It would be good to know what speeds other free users get from these file-hosts. Then we could deduce if global location is indeed, a factor.

I think its best to look at it from a free-user's perspective, so its kinda like a worst-case scenario. Also, because even the most well-established file-hosts are proving susceptible to restrictions or closure, less people are going to risk a subscription IMHO.
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Each filehost seems to throttle their free users differently in different countries, probably has to do with how much bandwith and traffic they have coming/going where. The ones that we put on the allowed list are time proven to work decently even for free users.

I'd love if all members kept one premium account like depositfiles.. your time has value and paying for one premium account should pay for itself for just about anyone in timesavings compared to dealing with slow speeds, captchas, wait limits, etc. I understand though there are other boards with crapload of different hosts and/or that paying monthly filehosting costs is simply not doable for everyone.

To replace Rapidshare with something else, we can do a test pilot run with Stewie putting his next uploads on BitShare. If others report that service works good, we'll add it to the allowed list.


Okay, I'll trial it.
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BitShare trial info

Upload speed:  122 Kb/s  - no variation or stutter

*update 12/12/12* upload speed 521 Kb/s ie. 16 mins for a 500 Mb file

Upon completion a download page appeared with various link combinations, similar to hotfile

Using their file-manager, I created a new folder for this forum and moved the file into it from "unsorted", no problem

The file is available for download here:

I'd appreciate your feedback on the download speed / experience please....   :TY:
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regardless of which way we go, I dont' have any sympathy for the free users, most of which never contribute.  If I upload a 900MB file and free users can't download it, tough shit.  With the number of downloads freely available on a forum like this to expect the uploaders to use certain filehosting site to accomodate the free users is bullshit.  What you can download here is worth far more than the cost of 1 or 2 premium accounts with a couple of the better filesharing sites.  Too many internet users believe that they should be able to get everything for free.   

I do agree that we should have 2-4 preferred fileshare sites that contributors can use.

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