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Amazon Annie Bodacious Adventures!

Started by amazonannie, 16-Oct-14, 12:36 AM

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Hey There!

My name is Amazon Annie, and I am a wrestler who just started making videos. I am new to this and am looking for feedback and would like to share my store. I have videos up pertaining to Lift and Carry, wrestling, female dominance and other fun topics. I consider myself the 'Queen of Squeeze', so am very excited to be able to post here.

Thanks for your time!

Amazon Annie


Hey There!

I just released a new video!

"This is 200lbs crushing on yer face crushing down." Is what Amazon Annie tells her poor male victim as she puts him in a frontwards, head triangle. Annie predominantly facesits Adrian, the man she crushes beneath her large Amazon, black G-thonged leotard. She works him over in reverse school girl pins, with his face snugly tuckered into her derriere. She wiggles into reverse head scissors, playfully swinging her hips back and forth as his head is being squeezed like a cork in a bottle. Easily she moves him into triangles, scissors, facesits and school girl pin in her very sexy, very butt-centric outfit of black gartered hose and sexy thong. She humiliates him with feet in the face, frontward facing school girl victory poses and smooshes him her Amazon breasts. The tone is fun, flirty and sensual, with moments of cell popping scissors and full face butt smothers.


New Release!2 on 1 Scissor Wrestling Domination

     Crazy Azy and Amazon Annie go against there friend Hanz in a 2 on 1 scissor wrestling match. Hanz is in for it! Annie wears a gray sports bra and sexy pink bikini bottoms and Azy wear a black sports bra and pink bikini bottoms.

They go right into it, getting Hanz onto the ground with both squeezing his neck, torso, as well as pinning him down in a facesit. There are hanging scissors, reverse head scissors, as well as humiliating add-ins, such as spanking, foot to face, tickling and hair pulling. Hanz's face turns purple as he is put in a cell popping head triangle. Azy and Annie also puts him into a few agonizing double arm bars as well. The girls man handle him wth rear naked chokes and a simultaneous grapevine. Hanz is also giftwrapped by Azy as Annie scissors his torso. Boy, does he ever get worked over by these two strong, sexy gals!


Hi Annie,

Nice screens, and welcome to SqueezeQueens - your nickname fits in here like a glove! :D


New Video: Lift and Carry on a Dock

My latest video features my good friend Crazy Azy, in her best pirate costume, and me in my Glamazon yachting outfit  :-*
Azy agrees to be my 'liftee' as I take her up and down the dock (without dropping her into the nasty NYC's water I may add!) in a variety of lifts. These lifts include, piggyback, fireman's, shoulder carry, over the shoulder and cradle. There is a short bear hug contest, where Annie's size and strength definitely comes out on top, much to the chagrin of Azy.

I have posted a sneak peak for your viewing pleasure!

As always, the full-length is available at my clip4sale store:


Strip Tease Trample

200 lb Amazon Annie stands upon poor, small 150 lb Thrash. Watch his chest nearly collapse as Annie places all of her 200 lb voluptuousness upon this tiny man.

Annie starts off in a skirt and tight tank top, stripping down to her lingerie and pantyhose, while crushing her victim under her imposing size 11 feet. He cries for mercy multiple times as she stands on his stomach, his chest, and his back. She places her feet on his face and forces him to kiss them.

On occasion, she is steadied by her sexy assistant, VeVe Lane, to prolong the victim's pain while crushing him under her amazon weight. 


[size]Preview available:

11 minutes total for sale @ Amazon Annie's Bodacious Adventures Clips for sale store:


   Annie, in a purple thong negligee, challenges Sha Sha in a skimpy bikini, to a wrestling match. The size difference is tremendous, and in Annie's favor. Sha sha is optimistic, yet also hesitant to tussle with Annie.
Latest Video Release! Tickle Wrestling Domination[attach=1][attach=2][attach=3][attach=4][attach=5][attach=6][attach=7][attach=8][attach=9][attach=10]
  As Annie easily, and playfully throws Sha sha around, she uses all her weight to crush her very small opponent. As it becomes rapidly apparent that Sha sha is unable to defend herself, and has become a mere plaything to the Amazon woman. While facesitting Sha sha, Annie realizes that Sha sha is very ticklish.

Aborting the wrestling, that wasn't very exciting anyway, the match devolves into an one-sided tickle torture. Where Annie sits, pins and tickles Sha Sha into some agonizing poses; exposing her soft ticklish soles, her quivering sides of the belly, and her very vulnerable arm pits to Annie's merciless, bullying tickling.

Available at my c4s store: via @clips4sale

The match is 17 minutes total and includes, tickle torture, spanking, butt drops, breast smothers, school girl pins and face sitting.


Latest Release: Duct-tape Tickle Torture!

         Annie is very ticklish, but her friend Thrash seems to be even more ticklish! Always looking for good fun, she challenges him to a tickling match, where he quickly is paralyzed into a frenzy of giggles as Annie mercilessly tickles his armpits, side of belly, back of the knees and his naked soles of his feet.


Annie wears a sexy white vintage bustier with thick metal garter clips, a see-thru short mini, a lace thong and nude back-seam retro thigh highs. Thrash wears just his black boy shorts.

After a while, Annie brings it up a notch, duct-taping his wrists, and then his ankles, his mouth and then his knees. She spends time on each part of his body until he nearly with squealing laughter. He writhes and squirms as Annie pins him, bearing down on him with all her weight, her long arms and legs far overpowering and manipulating his every move. This quickly becomes an one sided tickle torture sesh, as Thrash can't seem to get out from Annie's squishing weight. To further humiliate and subdue him, Annie face sits, victory poses and puts her foot on his face.

The tone is playful, sadistic and fun. Thrash is pushed way past his limits and is tickled into complete submission!

The video is a total of 20 minutes long.

It is available at my clips store:


F/F Lift and Carry: Amazon Annie and Rachel DD

               ''I don't know if I should rescue you, or abduct you?" Amazon Annie, the 6 ft blond giantess says to her beautiful buxom blond friend.

The girls are wearing retro, sexy pro-style outfits. Annie, in pantyhose with a back seam, black high top lace-up wrestling boots, and a thong leopard print leotard. Rachel Double-D in contrast, wears a blue American string bikini that shows off her modelesque body.

Rachel seems a little nervous at first, as there is a half foot difference in size, as Annie tells her she will lift her in various ways. Annie is very smiley and upbeat, making it easy for Rachel to agree. The sexy blond is twisted around Annie's waist for a 360 Piggy Back, spun around in a Helicopter in the Fireman's Carry and suspended in the air by the yoga-inspired Leg Lift. Rachel DD body looks fantastic in air, like a Goddess Super Hero, and it is done by virtue of Annie's strong legs and posterior.

See a preview here:

The great climax comes, when Rachel DD is spread across-back in a terrible Torture Rack. There is an element of comic book sexiness, where it seems like the barbarian villain will the 'Damsel in Distress' and drag her off. As Annie shows Rachel her moves there are more gentle and sexy holds such as the Cradle and the Bearhug; where the girls smile at one another, giggle and seem to really enjoy themselves.

Video is available @
Video duration is 12 minutes.


     *After looking over your suggestions, guys, I thought it was time for me to be really challenged! I get a serving of my own medicine, where I am mercilessly tickled by two really hot girls. Thanks again for all the suggestions, and love to hear from ya!

2 on 1 Tickle Wrestling F/F
Starring: Megan Jones, Rachel DD, Amazon Annie

   6 ft Amazon Annie is sure that she can take on two of her female friends, Rachel DD and Megan Jones. But they are not having any of it, and quickly show that Annie is really in for it! The buxom duo, in white bra and panty sets, attack Annie, who wears a black spandex leotard. Both Rachel and Megan team up to quickly discover that Annie is ticklish, very ticklish.

  Pinning her on her back, both sitting on top of her, they work over her armpits, sides of belly and bare wrinkly soles. Annie thrashes and squirms, moans and giggles, working herself into tearful wails of laughter, as the girls double team tickle torture her. The curvy pair have no problem containing her in school girl pins, double scissors, spanking, chokeholds, half nelsons, face sitting, and a humiliating foot to stomach.

The piece de resistance is the duct-taped mouth of Amazon Annie as they leave her to whimper on the mat.

The tone is playful, flirty, catty and fun.

Preview available:

Video duration: 16 minutes

For sale at

Direct link:


One of my favorite videos to date, Megan Jones is really fun to work with!! xo-Annie

Curvaceous Female Wrestling!

Starring: Megan Jones and Amazon Annie

Voluptuous Megan Jones agrees to take on Amazon Annie in a wrestling match involving scissors, face sits, hairpulling, breast mauling, spanking, belly punching, butt drops and face sitting. Megan Jones wears a very sexy leopard print body suit and leopard print triangle bikini. Annie wears navy blue, shiny spandex pants, with a strapless bikini top.

The girls have a bratty, flirty, and funny roll, both enjoying each others strength and curves. The tone is light-hearted with moments of true sadism, as both ladies use their Amazonian weight to control one another.

Video time 11 minutes

Clip available @

Visit my clips 4 sale store @


Hey Guys!
It's been a little while since I've shared one of my productions on Squeeze Queens, but, this one I am especially proud and want to share! I hope you enjoy! x

Amazon Annie Dominates Lia Labowe

Lia Labowe thinks she can size up against Amazon Annie, but soon finds out that this is certainly untrue. Annie is able to throw to throw Lia around like a rag doll! Lia wears a black string bikini, and Annie a shiny silver leotard with nude pantyhose. This video is a good mix of pro-style moves, such as the camel clutch,abdominal stretch, Boston crab, torture rack. There are plenty of scissors, bear hugs, lift and carry, chokes, hair pulling, crotch stomping, hand over the mouth, and Annie's face sit special! The tone is dominant, but playful, with some brutal holds along withsome lighter cat ball moments


Hey Everybody!

It's been an amazing summer, and I'm ready to get back on it, producing videos that I hope people will like. My favorite videos are size mismatches and in this video there is quite a difference between my small opponent and me. I hope you enjoy!


Amazon Annie Dominates Tae

Tae is the puniest male opponent Annie has gone against to date. The match isn't truly competitive as the size difference is too great. Annie has her way with her living rag doll. Plenty of pins, lifts, smothers and face sits. Tae at the end suffers a humiliating victory pose.

Find the video here:


Watching this video, two things I can't stop thinking. One-dang, I could never be serious if I tried, we look like we are having too much fun! Two-How perfect is Darling's tooshy?  Anyways, that's my two cents. Enjoy x

Pins-only Match with Darling

In a pins-only- match Amazon Annie is sure to have stacked the deck, as she outweighs Darling by 80 lbs! And hovers at least 7" over her. Much to Annie's chagrin Darling isn't as sweet as she looks.

With excellent defense, Darling is able to snake her legs in between Annie's thighs, blocking her from an easy pin. Spinning on her back and catching limbs Darling uses her BJJ skills to thwart Annie's brute strength.

The roll is very playful, the girls seem to really enjoy themselves. Ultimately this is a more amateur style match, where wedgies, crotch grabs, pulling hair, hand-over-mouth, as well as more brutal knee on belly, foot to crotch and sleeper holds are legal and encouraged.

Some unexpected moves ensue too. Always ready to apply the breast-smother, Annie scores a pin by attacking Darling with her D-cups. Darling has quite the time trying to pin the larger Annie, and gets creative, bouncing up and down horsey-style on the Goliath of an opponent.

Of course, there are some cross body pins, face sits, school girl pin and body slams.

The girls are both very curvaceous, Darling's hot! hot! thong shows off her perfect derriere.  Annie is wearing a fun two piece bathing suit of leopard print and bananas.

Running time 10 min.

Available at my Clips4sale store:] [url][/url]


Hey Everyone!
I was in Dallas a few weeks ago and hooked up with my friend Daria. We were able to shoot a fun little clip. Both of us are curvy ladies, and it was fun to don some sexy lingerie a la Betty Page and roll around getting entangled with one another.

Lingerie Wrasslin'

       In this clip I have met a lady closer to my size, and we decide to have a little fun testing our scissors, grapevines, breast smothers and facesits. Daria, an experienced domme and fan of squats and lifting is 5'8" and 170 lbs. Me, I am 6' and 210 lbs.

I would say, this match has a focus on grapevines. I find being a tall lady, it's very easy to have the leverage to make it effective. I think that Daria is well aware of this as well. I definitely get a taste of my own medicine in this one!

The attitude is playful, if not sensual, as we use our ample assets (both of us are in the D cup category up top). The breast smothers here are fairly effective, and I am not afraid to slap Daria in the face a few times while I am up close and personal.

Of course, there are plenty of scissors and facesits for those fans of the posterior!

Both Daria are wearing Black lacey lingerie.

The run time is 10 minutes.

It is available at my Clips4sale store:

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